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Want To Write A Wildly Successful Nonfiction Book?
Watch the video 👇 below to learn 3 secrets that nobody else in the publishing industry is teaching!
Secret #1 (time 10:11) – Why the first part of any nonfiction book must achieve THIS to ensure readers believe what you say and follow through with the solution provided.
Secret #2 (time 20:10) – Why understanding THIS about your target audience can make or break the reader’s success with your solution (which makes or breaks the success of your book).
Secret #3 (time 31:25) – The BIGGEST mistake most authors make in the “training” part of the book and why avoiding it can 10X the reader’s follow-through.


Expert Book Formula is a proven framework to structure and write a book that translates skills, experience, and expertise into an elite-level book.

This innovative online course was developed utilizing secrets from the top marketers, publishers, and high-performance coaches and has been time-tested with authors in my own publishing company.

It provides a dead-simple process to write a book quickly that will produce real results for the reader, create raving fans, and generate new business and revenue for the author.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Expert Book Formula is for experts, entrepreneurs, and business owners who want to write a book that solves a specific problem for their readers while increasing their authority and revenueThe concepts in this framework are new, so it doesn't matter if you are an experienced writer or have never written a book before ... you will benefit.
Expert Book Formula:
  • shows how to quickly and easily translate experience, skills, and expertise into a book.
  • works regardless of industry, even if you don’t know where to start or don’t think you can write.
  • shows how to structure a book that delivers transformational training to its readers.
  • provides clarity and peace of mind knowing there is a proven, step-by-step system to follow.
  • builds marketing fundamentals right into the book content to increase traffic and leads to your business.

YOU GET — 5 video modules and 2 flex modules that are like having a book coach on-demand
PLUS — Downloadable checklists and templates
AND — 3 bonus trainings (Blue Ocean Positioning, Elite Storytelling, and Supersonic Book Marketing)
AND — Access to a private Facebook group for Q&A sessions


Lance Thompson—Ghostwriter and Hollywood Script Writer
"This is an amazing system that’s simple and practical. Even if you've never written a book before, even if you have never written anything before, this breaks it down into simple steps that anyone can do. You don't have to have background as an author or an editor or anything like that. You just have to know the subject you're talking about and this system will help you turn it into a book."
Stephanie Mullani—Brand Development Expert
"I didn't know how to bridge the gap between writing small scripts for children to writing my first nonfiction, self-development book for adults. I had notes that I'd been compiling for the last 10 years. I had color coded post-it notes and chapter sections, which were all handwritten in journals and taped to a wall. But, I didn’t know how was I going to lay out a book in an effective way. This course saved me time and really helped my right-brain, creative mind make that leap into the digital age and get organized."
Lumuli Wanyonyi—CEO, Multivariable Systems Technologies
“I had tried many, many times to write a book and it was difficult because I would start, then get overwhelmed by the whole process. I think Kevin did a really fantastic job of creating a framework for how to approach it. My background is engineering, so when things look like a formula, it's very helpful. I think that's what he did—he broke it into what just looks like a formula and you're plotting the parts, so if you can fill into those parts, it all works. I really liked this because it spoke to how I think.”
Pamela Thompson—Career Coach for Creative Artists
“I've been working on a book for way too long. This course will save you time and money because it explains how you can figure out who your target reader is, what is relevant to them, and what they actually need you to write. This means you don't waste time writing a lot of stuff only to pay an editor later to cut out stuff that's not relevant. But, my single greatest takeaway is realizing that it's not as hard to write a book when you have a basic framework to follow.”
Marshall Major—Information Technology Expert 
“I’m an information technology guy, not a writer, so I had no idea where to start. It's been wonderful having an expert take me through a model to help me know what direction to go, what to talk about, and how to do it. I used to put people who write books up on pedestals and thought they were better than me. Throughout the program, one of the things I realized is that they are actually just like me, except that I'm in that 80% that wants to write a book and they're in the small percentage that do it. Now I have the confidence and a framework to write it in.”


KEVIN MULLANI is a publisher, ghostwriter, nonfiction book-coach, and closet digital marketer who is bridging the gap between online sales experts and the publishing industry.

Shortly after getting out of the Air Force, the unexpected passing of Kevin’s youngest son, Ethan Tru, prompted him to start a publishing company as a way to help others pass on their wisdom through books. Growing his company from scratch, his service has always been based in integrity and centered around producing the highest quality books for his clients. Since founding Tru Publishing in 2012, he has helped countless authors to write and publish books, leaving legacies of their own.

Recently, Kevin has created digital training programs based on the time-tested processes he has found to be most successful in his own business. 
His introductory program, Blue Ocean Positioning, is focused on teaching authors the most important elements they need to know before writing a book. Expert Book Formula is his flagship program designed to help authors properly structure and write a life-changing nonfiction book.

Innovator Press is Kevin’s latest venture—a new publishing company that focuses solely on solution-based, nonfiction books. He is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the Nonfiction Authors Association, and currently lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife and two children.

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